Hi everyone

My name is Iwan Bonnén.
I have a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics. On top of that I also have and AP (Academy Profession) degree in IT.

I started this web-application as the final project in my AP degree.

I chose the topic "Medical Statistics" for my project, which is meant to be an assistance for medical students and nurses, who need to learn some mandatory statistics. Primarily focused on the statistical topics within courses such as "Epidemiology" and "Biostatistics".

Hopefully not only medical students and nurses will find the app useful, but anyone who needs to do some statistical calculations.

If you have any comments, or if you are missing a certain feature, feel free to contact me (mail link below).
I am constantly developing and improving the site with new things.

Legal Disclaimer:

Feel free to use the website if you find it useful in any way. Whether you're a student, a researcher or just interested in the subject.

Even though I am testing the calculators and functionalities for accuracy before putting them online and do my very best to avoid errors I can in no way guarantee that they are 100 % accurate or fulfill the desired level of accuracy that you might have or that certain alternative software eventually can provide you with. I can thus not be held liable for eventual errors in the calculators or functionalities.

In this sense, the website is free "as it is". Use it and the information on it at you own risk.

If you find an error, please let me know and I will correct it as soon as possible.

Support the project MedicalStat:

If you like the site and/or find it useful, then please consider supporting the project. I will be very grateful for any donation, regardless of size.
With your donation I will be able to continue the project and improve it further in the future with more features and functionalities.
Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Iwan Bonnén