MedicalStat.Org is a free-to-use online application with tools and calculators within the topics of biostatistics, medical statistics and epidemiology.

It was made from an idea to make an online version of the Excel spreadsheets that nursing students were using for the calculations in a university course called "BioStatistics and Epidemiology". A couse that was mandatory on the path to get a Master's degree in nursing.

The calculators on the site should cover the basic needs for nursing and medical students, be it either data analysis, performing of test and calculation of p-values, singular or multiple regression or calculation of concepts such as risk ratio, odds ratio etc. If you believe that a specific calculator or feature within statistics is missing on the site, please take contact with your request and it will looked into.

Made and maintained by Iwan Bonnén, M.Sc.

Made with HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Legal Disclaimer:

Feel free to use the website if you find it useful in any way. Whether you're a student, a researcher or just interested in the subject.

Even though I am testing the calculators and functionalities for accuracy before putting them online and do my very best to avoid errors I can not guarantee that they are without any errors. I can therefore not be held liable for eventual errors in the calculators or functionalities.

In this sense, the website is free "as it is". Use it and the information on it at you own risk.

If you find an error, please take contact and it will be corrected as soon as possible.

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