The following links and sources have helped me a lot and provided me with formulas for calculations, tips and tricks for layout and programming:

Links and sources relating to coding and programming:

One of the best sites on the web for an overview over HTML, CSS and JavaScript + tons of useful coding examples:

The great people over at StackOverflow have helped me a couple of times with coding tips and problems:

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are administrating, setting standards for and updating HTML and CSS:

Brendan Eich is the creator of JavaScript:

I'm using MathJax to write the math formulas and expressions:

The great work creating the JavaScript library d3.js was done by Mike Bostock, Jeffrey Heer and Vadim Ogievetsky:

I'm using the great JavaScript library Chart.js to draw some of the diagrams and plots:

jStat is a statistical JavaScript library:

Literature and sources for maths, statistics and formulas:

Wikipedia is a great source for resources, math formulas and examples:

An introduction to the the topic of Medical Statistics:
Kirkwood, Sterne: "Essential Medical Statistics", John Wiley & Sons, 2nd edition, 2010. ISBN: 1444392840 / 9781444392845

Paul Newbold - Statistics for business and economics:
Statistics for business and economics

M. Bremer: Multiple Linear Regression:
M. Bremer: Multiple Linear Regression

Kerby Shedden: Notes on multiple regression (from the statistics course 401, University of Michigan):
K. Shedden: Multiple Regression

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