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Statistical apps, tools and calculators:

Statistical tests:

Stratification into two or more strata in order to check for / adjust for effect modification or confounding:

Calculation of table p-values, z-values, t-values, ... etc. for specific probability density functions:

Statistical formulas used in particular within the fields of Medical Statistics, Bio Statistics and Epidemiology:

Data Analysis (calculation of statistical concepts like mean, variance, standard deviation, ... from data text file) and test to see whether the two samples' mean values could be assumed equal. Both with a z-test and a t-test. And also test if the variances could be equal with an F-test:

Regression Analysis (performing multivariable regression from uploaded text file or copy-pasted data). Both linear regression as well as logistic regression:

Survival Analysis: From input data, compare the calculated Kaplan-Meier survival curves between two or more groups to see if they are different and also get to see the life tables and Kaplan-Meier estimates for the groups and calculate the Mantel-Cox hazard ratio together with performing the log-rank test between two groups:

Drawing of Graphs and plots as a mean of data visualization in order to display an illustrative overview of your input data

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Links to useful things within Medical Statistics, Maths or Statistics in general that have been used making these tools: